Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes

L'Accostée House

Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes
20. March 2018
Photo: Adrien Williams (All images courtesy of v2com)

L’Accostée House is located in the Adstock area, on the shores of Lac St-François. The clients have lived on this beautiful site for a few years and enjoy aquatic activities on the lake.

Since their original house was in poor condition and becoming too small for their growing family, they decided to rebuild while preserving the natural surroundings and keeping the open space on the edge of the lake. They wanted a warm, friendly house that would respect the environment and open onto the lake.

Project: L'Accostée House, 2017
Location: Lac-St-François, Adstock, Quebec
Architect: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes
Structural Engineer: Antoine Dorval
General Contractor: Constructions des Grands Jardins

Photo: Adrien Williams

The original foundations were kept to provide a large storage area. A terrace with spa was built on top of the old house footprint, with wide stairs leading to the lake. This architectural gesture takes the form of an agora and becomes the cornerstone for the new house. The slope of the site is also integrated into the design: the interior spaces flow into one another as they follow the natural slope of the land. From the access road, passersby can see the upper level and the garage, while on the lake side, three levels rise elegantly above the ground, revealing a facade articulated by a series of angles and wide openings. The project seems to cling to the original house location, leaning backwards through the forest leaving the bank clear. The discreet entrance along with the open facade on the lake create a strong duality. The idea is not to reveal everything at a glance.

Photo: Adrien Williams

This contemporary house is distinguished by the expression of the wooden structure. The exposed beams indoors continue outdoors emphasizing the effect of transparency towards the lake. The roof overhang protects the south-facing glass facade from overheating in the summer. The house reveals itself gradually, through its different levels. The host welcomes friends and family around the large U-shaped island in a friendly and unifying atmosphere. The master bedroom, set back from the living areas, offers peaceful views of the cedars outside, while the children’s rooms, located on the upper floor, are accessible by the catwalk. The staircase connecting the three levels is light and dynamic: it runs along the red cedar wall and leads to the garden floor. This level reveals a well-kept secret, an indoor swimming pool in the heart of the house. It is accessed by crossing the Paleolithic mosaic that adorns the walls of the shower. Natural light sweeps over the wall at the end of the long pool, beckoning swimmers.

Photo: Adrien Williams

The project is designed as a delicately carved volume, which nestled into the site following its topography. The formal gestures are strong and powerful, while the material—sandy beige wood and red cedar slats—are more delicate and warm.

Entrance on second floor (Photo: Adrien Williams)
View from Kitchen to Dining Room on second floor (Photo: Adrien Williams)
View from Dining Room to Kitchen on second floor (Photo: Adrien Williams)
Living Room on first floor (Photo: Adrien Williams)
Pool on first floor (Photo: Adrien Williams)
Pool on first floor (Photo: Adrien Williams)
View from Office on third floor (Photo: Adrien Williams)
Model (Photo: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes)
Floor Plans (Drawing: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes)
Longitudinal Section (Drawing: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes)

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