Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter

Cabin Sjusjøen

Sjusjøen, Norway - 2017
10. January 2018
All photographs courtesy of Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter
The cabin is located in Sjusjøen, one of Norway's most popular areas for cross-country skiing. The plot is sloping towards the west overlooking the Gudbrandsdalen valley.
Project: Cabin Sjusjøen, 2017
Location: Sjusjøen, Norway
Client: Private
Architect: Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter AS
Contractor: Sjusjøen Byggeservice AS
Area: 133 m2
In the area, it's a rapid and concentrated development of cabins and you have strong winds coming from the north. This makes it important to try to provide shelter from the wind and to establish private spaces close to the building.
The building is organized as a volume put in the east-west axis of the plot, with a closed north facade and a open facade towards the south, giving great views of the valley below. The volume is given L-shaped ends to provide sheltered entrance from prevailing winds to the north, and to establish private space to the south. With the floor and roof following the terrain through five different levels, the building is connected closely to the natural slope of the terrain.
The plan is solved within a strict geometrical concept. Twelve identical triangles makes the shape of the cabin, and the levels and interior rooms are organized within the geometry. Together with minimal detailing, this gives the building a dynamic and sharp presence.
Larger windows are located by a covered terrace, within the kitchen and living room and through the hallway where the bedrooms are located. The continuous windows are connecting all the rooms to the view of the valley. As a detached volume to the north-west, connected with the covered terrace, are a storage room and a more private annex/bedroom situated.
The cabin is built of prefabricated solid wood elements, visible in the interior walls and ceiling. The walls and roofs outside are cladded with carbonized wooden boards, making the cabin stand out in the white winter landscape.

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