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Sorol Art Museum Opens in South Korea

John Hill
31. January 2024
Photo © Yongbaek Lee, courtesy of Meier Partners

In March 2018, after the New York Times published an article with four former employees of Richard Meier & Partners Architects accusing the New York architect of sexual harassment, the firm announced that Meier would take a leave of absence and six partners and associate partners would oversee the firm's day-to-day operations. One of the associate partners was Dukho Yeon, who became partner and lead designer in June 2021, when the firm restructured as Meier Partners and its namesake architect retired. Now, three years later, the restructured firm is celebrating its first completed project, and first building in Korea, the Sorol Art Museum, designed under Yeon as partner-in-charge. Accentuated by the January snow blanketing the landscape around the museum, the white cladding and ultra-clear glass give the impression that, although Meier is out of the picture, the modernist formula he pioneered is as relevant as ever to his successors.

Below are quotes from Yeon and other Meier Partners employees involved on the project, though visit the Meier Partners office profile to see more of the Sorol Art Museum.

Photo © Yongbaek Lee, courtesy of Meier Partners
“The design vision was to create a modest but lyrical composition incised into this spectacular landscape that would become the perfect backdrop for art and remain forever memorable to all who visit. It is a true collaborative effort, and I am extremely proud to be part of our incredible project team. We are grateful to the city of Gangneung, Gyo-Dong Park Holdings, KoRICA, and the curators who will take care of this museum.”

Dukho Yeon, Design Partner-in-Charge

Visualization: Meier Partners
“The Sorol Museum sets an important milestone as a team effort and as our first project built under the name Meier Partners. Designed to convey simplicity, the Sorol Museum harmonizes with its site and context, letting the spectator engage in a personal journey of discovery interacting with the art. Gallery spaces, though dispersed, remain connected along a path of framed views, filled with abundant natural light. As it opens its doors to modern art and a global artist community, we are grateful and honored to help realize this vision.”

Guillermo Murcia, Associate Principal

Visualization: Meier Partners
“The concept behind the Sorol Museum was to create a serene and simple yet memorable space that presents a harmonious blend of art, architecture, and nature. We envisioned the museum to beautifully exemplify the continuous dialogue between interior and exterior elements, creating tranquil exhibition spaces that serve as a neutral backdrop for the art. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this unforgettable project and believe the Sorol Museum will be a destination that captivates visitors.”

Sharon Oh, Project Architect and Manager

Drawing: Meier Partners
Meier Partners

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