Watch Paulo Mendes da Rocha's Royal Gold Medal Lecture

John Hill
17. February 2017
Photo: Screenshot

On 31 January 2017 Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha delievered a public lecture celebrating his receipt of the 2017 RIBA Royal Gold Medal. Earlier this week RIBA published the lecture online.

In the lecture, which was delivered in Portuguese but translated simultaneously in English, da Rocha presents a number of his projects, from the Porto Fluvial No Rio Tietê (1980) to the recently opened Museu dos Coches in Lisbon. But these came after the 88-year-old architect gives a passioned if somewhat unsettling fifteen-minute diatribe on nature, cities, humanity, politics and other pressing issues outside of architecture. These words and da Rocha's presentation of the Museu dos Coches are highlights of a talk on the occasion of a well deserved award.

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