Plug and Perform

John Hill
19. May 2022
Photo © OMA by Chris Stowers

This month the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) announced that the long-awaited Taipei Performing Arts Center is finally complete, with the official opening taking place in August. A five-minute film takes viewers inside the building.

With a large sphere and multiple trapezoidal volumes plugged into a central cube, the Taipei Performing Arts Center is clearly a building designed from the inside-out. But what exactly is happening inside? Until now — after two months of test performances — only drawings and construction photographs could hint at the qualities of the performance spaces and the circulation linking them. 

A new video by Shephotoerd Co. Photography for OMA goes deep, with a drone flying through its Public Loop and footage of the three theaters: the 800-seat Globe Playhouse, the 1,500-seat Grand Theater, and the 800-seat Blue Box (the last two can be coupled to form a Super Theater).

Video © Shephotoerd Co. Photography, courtesy of OMA

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