'I don't see the difference between art and architecture'

John Hill
3. August 2021
Photo: Screenshot

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art speaks with artist Ibrahim Mahama about his installations that often consist of buildings covered with jute sacks, a material synonymous with the trade markets in Ghana, where he lives and works.

In the interview, which was conducted by Mark-Christoph Wagner at the TimesCenter during The World Around conference in February 2020, Ibrahim Mahama explains the intentions behind the large-scale installations in and beyond his native Ghana. Like Christo and Jeanne-Claude, buildings are often the settings for Mahama's installations, but his choice of jute sacks — reused from the transportation of cocoa beans and other commodities — grounds the art conceptually in a Ghanian context and make the installations instantly recognizable as his own.

Ibrahim Mahama, Malam Dodoo National Theatre, 1992-2016, National Theatre of Ghana, Accra, 2016. (Photo: Screenshot)

Watch the 10-minute interview below or on the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art's Louisiana Channel website:

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