Flying Through WA Museum

John Hill
23. November 2020
Photo © Peter Bennetts, courtesy of Hassell + OMA

The newly opened WA Museum Boola Bardip at Perth's Cultural Centre was designed jointly by Hassell and OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture. A short film gives viewers a drone's eye view of the museum's glassy exterior and its exhibition spaces inside.

WA Museum Boola Bardip was "conceived as a 'collection of stories' about Western Australia’s diversity, rich history, and contemporary culture." The design team responded with "two intersecting circulation loops – one vertical and one horizontal – [that] connect the refurbished historic buildings and new structures, while offering multiple routes for different experiences of the Museum’s content." 

The video by Aeroture/Michael Haluwana gives a sense of how these circulation loops work, as well as how the new interacts with the old.

To learn more about WA Museum Boola Bardip visit either Hassell's profile or OMA's profile.

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