AMO's SS Prada Real Fantasies

John Hill
10. February 2016
Photo: Screenshot

Further, AMO describes how the video "graphically reinterprets the Indefinite Hangar as a synthetic sunset fixed within a 3 dimensional blank space. The abstract hangar is populated with geometric objects and furniture. Characters move through a neutral scene between the undefined and distilled fragments of daily life. The horizon and scale constantly shifts, manipulating the frame and disrupting a linear sequence..."

The Indefinite Hangar indicated is the name of the physical space AMO (under partner Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli) created for the 2016 Spring / Summer Prada men's and women’s show in Milan, at bottom. Plastic sheets hang from above, while concrete benches meld with the floor below. The space is the antithesis of that of the film, where boundaries are shifting and less distinct – the models wearing Prada clothes unite the two expressions.

2016 SS Prada Men's and Women's Show – Indefinite Hangar (Photo: Courtesy of OMA)

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