Leonardo Ricci 100 – 100 Side Notes on the Anonymous

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Leonardo Ricci, a leading figure in the Italian architectural scene of the Second World War, the former Refectory of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy hosts the exhibition LEONARDO RICCI 100. Writing, painting and architecture: 100 side notes on the Anonymous (20th Century) from April 12 to May 26, 2019. Together with archive materials from the CSAC in Parma, the works conserved in the architect’s home-studio in Monterinaldi are exhibited for the first time. Expressionist sketches, paintings with a strong material and figurative impact, fragments of mosaic compositions, period photographs and models of the projects are paired with architectural drawings, in a collage that allows one to shed light on aspects of Ricci’s work that have not yet been investigated, through different levels of aesthetic expression. Video/ audio documents and magazine excerpts contribute to making comprehensible a multifaceted but deeply organic message, masterfully translated by Ricci also through the written form. The result is an amazing overview of the wealth of theoretical research, artistic production and design activities of Leonardo Ricci, writer, painter and architect.

The exhibition, curated by Maria Clara Ghia, Ugo Dattilo and Clementina Ricci, aims to present the figure of Leonardo Ricci in a free and asystematic way, with a clear interdisciplinary approach. The visitor will be guided by excerpts from Anonymous (20th Century), an existentialist book written by Ricci in the United States in 1957, “not a learned book for specialists but open to all,” as its author called it. “My wish,” he wrote, “was to deal with some topics closely related to my sphere of activity, which takes place mainly in the field of urban planning and architecture, but not specifically.”

12. April bis 26. Mai 2019
Refettorio Di Santa Maria Novella

50123 Florenz, Italien