Cedrus, Wohn – und Geschäftshaus, Studienauftrag, 1. Preis

Meilen, Schweiz

Gus Wüstemann (born 1966) founded gus wüstemann architects in 1997 in Zurich and, in 2004, opened his second office in Barcelona. Gus studied at the ETH Zurich and has lived and worked in Australia, India, England, and the U.S.A. Gus is co-founder and curator of Catalan-Architects. He frequently lectures within Europe and leads research workshops in the field of space design, architecture, and urbanism. Gus follows an ethical code in his architecture, creating spaces free of social status or connotation. His projects have been published and exhibited internationally. The studio has won competitions and prizes all over the world. Gus lives in Zurich and by the sea in Barcelona with his family. He enjoys surfing, sailing and has also climbed some high mountain peaks around the world.

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