Ordos Art Museum

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Ordos Art Museum is the first building of Ordos new civic center on a stretch of sand dunes along lake that is dedicated as “public corridor” with art and cultural facilities. This 2700sm of exhibition and research program is distributed within an undulating form with a central span lifting clear off the ground, suggesting a desert viper winding over the dunes.

The space is conceived as one uninterrupted room with series of openings absorbing natural light while offering cinematic views of the raw surroundings; the art exhibition mingles with natural landscape which becomes an integrated experience for views.

Project Name: Ordos Art Museum

Location: Inner Mongolia, China

Client: Jiangyuanshuiwu Ltd. Co.

Architect: DnA _Beijing

Project Team: Xu Tiantian

Photographer: Ruogu Zhou

Structure and Material: concrete structure

Building Area: 2,700 sq. meter

Coast: 3000 RMB/sp. meter

Design Period: 2005-2006

Construction Period: 2006-2007

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