AI Architects is internationally recognized for award winning projects that create dynamic and relevant urban spaces.

Based in Santa Monica, California, AI Architects is the architectural studio of choice for sustainable and vibrant people-centered environments. All our projects are founded in an authentic consideration of the users and their community - ranging from infrastructure master plans to urban mixed-use buildings to meticulously detailed residences,  they are quickly occupied by the city’s inhabitants as critical and inherent to their way of life.

We have a solid, twenty-five year history of solving complex design issues while maintaining fiscal responsibility, environmental sustainability and community trust in projects as and varied as the Karsiyaka Vertical Commercial Center in Izmir, Turkey , the Plaza Centro Masterplan in Tucson, Arizona, and the Sweetzer Maisonette Lofts in West Hollywood, California.

Though each of our projects is a unique response to the individual requirements of our client, we are always searching for that synergy of beauty, design and urban edge that creates spaces where life happens.

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