House in Bela Vista

Ílhavo, Portugal, 2013

The small width of the available land - less than 6 meters - and the wishes of the customer to arrange the ground floor only with technic...

New City

Mikkeli, Finland, 2012

Light, Space and Temperature Mikkeli is an important crossroad between northern and southern Finland, occ...

Sea Front

Figueira da Foz, Portugal, 2012

Landscape and Memory - Reunion to the future The proposal takes advantage of the extensive sandy beach of...

Corisco Housing

Aveiro, Portugal, 2012

It consists on 25 residential lots that are developed in three different types, divided into four volumes. Although situated on the outsk...

Aradas House

Aveiro, Portugal, 2010

The house builds a single level volume, in an abstract reading of a body laid on a gardened horizontal platform. A "p...

House in Canal Botirões

Aveiro, Portugal, 2010

Bus Complex Arriva-Guimarães

Guimarães, Portugal, 2009

Situated closely to the entry of new tolls at Guimarães - South motorway A11, the new centre of operations of Arriva-Portugal, a p...

House in Agras Norte

Aveiro, Portugal, 2008

Houses over the Ria de Aveiro The program wanted two twin houses in front of a unique landscape, enjoying superb views over the Ria de Av...

House in Oliveira de Frades

Viseu, Portugal, 2008

Two overlapping volumes contain separate programs. The upper one contains the housing program, organized spaces around the central courty...

Alto dos Forninhos

Aveiro, Portugal, 2007

Periphery – Seven plots; three types; two promoters, one project. The opportunity of doing these job altogether as permitted...

Farol Housing - Praia Barra

Ílhavo, Portugal, 2006

Near of the highest lighthouse of the Iberian Peninsula, the building articulates two solids over a commercial floor. Each side resolves ...

Live'in - Glicínias

Aveiro, Portugal, 2006

The total building comprises 89 apartments in three blocks over a commercial volume. The east volume has the smallest housing, in order t...

Houses in Canal São Roque

Aveiro, Portugal, 2005

Situated in front of Canal São Roque, their volume are strictly designed as the plan previewed. These two houses have a unique and...

House in Palhaça

Aveiro, Portugal, 2005

House in Quintãs

Aveiro, Portugal, 2004

House in Costa Nova

Ílhavo, Portugal, 2002