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We are a creative design practice working out of Lagos Nigeria. MOE+ Art Architecture is a collaborative practice focused on architecture, design and artistic production.

Our aim is to enhance the standard and possibilities for a qualitative, value driven and pragmatic design process across the continent through a collaborative human and environmentally sensitive practice. A process that embraces local solutions and aspirations. Focusing on context, culture, materiality and ecology.

MOE+ Art Architecture has decades of experience in strategic, innovative and value driven explorative design for private, cultural institutional, NGOs, commercial clients and community partners.

We continue to renew and redefine who we are as an organisation, by the process of our cultural and social participation in how we make things and with who. We explore design through the lens of culture, nature, nurture, education, visibility, representation and society.

Our approach is focused on engaging in a discourse across disciplines while understanding places and people, from there we build the narrative arch for engagement. We do this through what we call ‘overlapping rings’ with writers, historians, artists, architects, urban specialists, architects, environmentalist and film-makers. This strategic approach allows for what we believe to be a continuous engagement through a non-linear process.

We work with a focus on locality and shared knowledge, starting with the understating of the historical and environmental context in which things exist.

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