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New York, USA

A parametrically-designed smart skin turns a warehouse into a mixed-use building with contemporary lofts, galleries, a screening room, and a fitness center.

Transforming from a disused warehouse into a mixed-use beacon for the community, this building combines lofts, art spaces, theaters, and a fitness & wellness center—all while adhering to New York City’s strict set-back laws.

We renovated the warehouse and added an 11-story smart loft building enclosed in an innovative smart skin: a parametrically designed facade that optimizes energy efficiency while adhering to the neighborhood’s setback laws, precisely executed through full BIM coordination. This was a true innovation: the building was completed in 2004, long before parametric design and BIM were adopted as valuable design tools.
The custom-designed and manufactured facade uses annealed double-glazed panels—a material typically reserved for industrial and automotive design—that are folded to a 1/16th” tolerance to achieve a distinctive form and seamlessly integrate with the existing warehouse.

The integration of the renovated warehouse with its new folded steel and glass facade creates a mediation between past and present, resulting in a new icon for the neighborhood. The facade provides passive solar energy and commanding views over the Hudson River. The building introduces a lively mix of uses to the neighborhood, and 25 lofts with generous amenities.

Year: Completed 2004
Location: West Soho, NYC
Client: Take One, LLC
Project Type: 11 Story New Addition to Existing Warehouse: 25 Residential Lofts, Gym, Pool, Guest Apartment, and Gallery and Retail Spaces
Size: 80,000 sq ft
Design Team: Principal in charge: Winka Dubbeldam, Assoc. AIA | Project Leader: Ana Sotrel | Archi-Tectonics Team: Michael Hundsnurscher, Tanja Bitzer, Deborah Kully, Nicola Bauman, Ty Tikari, Amy Farina, Bittor Sanchez
Consultants: Structural Engineers: Buro Happold NY | Mechanical Engineer: Gabor Szakal Engineers, Stanislav Slutsky Engineering | Civil Engineer: GZA GeoEnvironmental INC | Expeditor: Michael Zenreich | Curtain Wall Consultant: Israel Burger, Bill Logan | Acoustic Consultant: Shen Milsom & Wilke Inc. | Elevator Consultant: Barker Mohandes | Curtain Wall: UAD (curtainwall) | Cricursa Barcelona (Bent Glazing) | General Contractors: York Hunter Construction Services, New Industries NYC
Photography: Floto & Warner Photography | Archi-Tectonics
Architect of Record: David Hotson, Architect
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