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The World-Architects eMagazine is a weekly newsletter with editorial content and updates on the World-Architects platform. The center of the eMagazine is the Insight feature, which includes interviews with clients, visits to architecture offices, and discussions with academics, curators, and other voices. Shorter features include Found—a visual that struck our fancy—a selection of Headlines from the past two weeks, a Building of the Week from one of our national platforms, a short Film of interest, a Product spotlight, and a Number that helps to describe the scale of current architectural development. Update notices include Profiles, Jobs, and Agenda, each pulled from our various national platforms.

The goal is to present the broad spectrum of architectural culture and highlight important trends and developments. Like the rest of World-Architects, content is curated by our country representatives, reflecting the international nature of the platform and the world of architecture.

John Hill is an architect and blogger (A Daily Dose of Architecture) living in New York City. He is the author of Guide to Contemporary New York City Architecture (W.W. Norton, 2011). At World-Architects.com, he is the US Representative/Editor and Editor-in-Chief of the eMagazine.

Web Publisher
Sarah Mai studied Psychology and Art History, working in art galleries and marketing agencies before starting with World-Architects in 2008. Responsible for the eMagazine's platform updates, she also oversees the production and publishing of all of World-Architects.com.

The World-Architects eMagazine is a high quality weekly newsletter that features editorial content alongside udpates to the World-Architects platform.

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