Musiktheater Linz

The Linz music theatre was inaugurated on 11 April 2013 – four years after the beginning of construction. Approximately 1,700 invited guests watched the première of "Spuren der Verirrten" (Traces of the Lost), an opera in three acts.

In summer 2011, the project team of the Lindner Group started to fit-out the interior of the new “Kulturpalast am Volksgarten”.

The Company was mainly responsible for the acoustic fit-out of the theatre. Golden, metal-coated balcony fronts and the acacia surface of the floor, the ceiling and the walls are the highlights of the main hall. Especially versatile Lindner NORIT-Industrial Boards form the U-shaped balcony fronts.

The acoustically decoupled Lindner FLOOR and more® arena floor, specially developed for theatres, proved once again to be an extraordinarily adaptable system.

Lindner manufactured, delivered and mounted the tailor-made ceiling and wall cladding of the ‘Great Orchestra Hall' whose orchestra is named after the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner. Every single acoustic panel has a special golden metal coating with a custom relief.

In addition to fitting out the main areas, the Lindner Group was also commissioned to adapt the numerous backstage practice rooms to suit the acoustic requirements of the theatre.

The acoustic fit-out of the Musiktheater Linz epitomizes Lindner Group’s motto “all from one source”.
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