We love architecture!
Our study, that was founded in 1988 by Lluís Dilme and Xavier Fabré, it is specialises in performing architecture: concert halls, theaters and operas, and rehabilitation and restoration of architectural heritage.

As well as this, since 2013 Jordi Fabré and Mercé Torras joined the company bringing along their notable knowledge and professional portfolio where stands out their experience in institutional architecture: university buildings, judicial, penitentiaries and transport infraestrcucture.

Our team provides a comprehensive service that includes a vast range of works as basic and executives projects, preliminary studies and designs or project management. We provide our clients with advise, whether they are from the public or private sector, and we listen to their demands to incorporate them into our creative process to achieve excelling outcomes.

We like working with the space where people’s lifes take place, that is to say, Architecture is the engine of our intellectual and professional activity. That is why we are devoted to it and we investigate and seek a continuous progress and innovation.
DFT arquitectes
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Lluís Dilmé
Xavier Fabré
Jordi Fabré
Mercè Torras
1988 (1979)
Urban Planning
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