Reinventing Paris

Paris, 法國
Mikou & Mikou Architekten AG

Competition 2016

Hotel with 200 rooms, Pop-Up-Stores, coworking spaces, gaming spaces, restaurants, lounge, bars
City of Paris
7’000 sqm
25 M €

Place d’Italie - Paris, France

The project is located on a large public esplanade near the "Italie2" shopping centre on Place d'Italie in the 13th district of Paris. In a 1970s urban environment characterized by tower blocks, the project proposes an innovative “hanging city” concept, superimposing multiple activities that project onto the street. It is the concept of the vertical street that extends upwards, as in Hong Kong, to create an urban pulsation that will transform Avenue d’Italie and the whole image of the neighbourhood into a vibrant, lively place. Like the New Babylon conceived by Constant, a kind of "social city" that would bring people close to each other, our scheme envisions a continuous spatial construction, like an inhabited footbridge, elevated clear off the ground, offering mixed uses in a landscaped setting, and enhanced with seating overlooking the city. The concept of elevated streets leads to a multiple, multi-purpose building that offers a mix of programmes – hotel, collective play areas for adults and children, creative and ephemeral “pop-up” stores, food outlets, sports activities, an elevated planted walkway, a vertical garden in continuation of public space to promote a social dynamic. The theme of play, presented in a richly varied range in our scheme, creates intergenerational synergy, promoting encounter and interaction between people of different ages and cultural backgrounds. The route within the building is itself fun: firstly, a planted panoramic stairway like a vertical garden, enhanced with seating for admiring the view of the city, then play-sculptures on a large hanging terrace facing the restaurant, and finally a folly staircase leading to an elevated walkway onto which the cultural play area and the hotel club both face.A remarkable slide chute indicates the play area and can be used by children to slide down from the terrace garden of the play area to the elevated walkway. At the end of this planted walkway, another folly staircase reconnects this route to the city street. Designed as a clustered stack of protruding and recessed modules, the hotel building looks like a cloud floating above the avenue.


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