Luxemburg , 卢森堡, 2016

Refurbishment of two landmarked houses located on the ancient rocks “Corniche” of Luxemburg-City.


Esch sur Alzette , 卢森堡, 2014

The corkscrew staircase, a raw-steel-sculpture as distinctive part of the interior, divides the given space into different rooms  but yet...


Luxembourg, 卢森堡, 2014

Two grey surfaces – floor and ceiling, separated from each other with white furniture walls to create a fluent concept for the whole apar...


Luxembourg, 卢森堡, 2013

two prefabricated white cubes that separate front-desk, single-desk-office and conference-room. The linoleum/cork patterns cover storage ...


Itzig , 卢森堡, 2011

Extension of a single family house. Two stacked volumes creating an impressive overhang.


Pontpierre, 卢森堡, 2011

Loft conversion SEP Location: Pontpierre Area: 120m² Completion: 2011 In this loft conversion th...


Luxembourg, 卢森堡, 2010

Apartment CRA Location: Luxemburg Area: 82m² Completion: 2010 Located near the Parc de Merl this apartment ...


Luxembourg, 卢森堡, 2010

House THE Location: Luxemburg Area: 240m² Completion: 2010 The clearly defined volumes play with the concep...


Luxembourg, 卢森堡, 2009

Office HAK Location: Luxemburg Area: 105m² Completion: 2009 The renovation of these offices, loc...


Belvaux , 卢森堡

1st price in the competition for the new “centre d´attraction a gadder”: the tangram, one of the oldest known puzzle game, as basic...


Wormeldange , 卢森堡

Both facades and roof are covered in zinc coating that shows a barcode pattern. Dark concrete Volumes in the front-yard are the continuat...


Luxembourg , 卢森堡

House MAR is a clash of a gable roof building and a flat roof building. cracks, shards, chunks. Just one second before the big BANG! ...


Wormeldange , 卢森堡

Refurbishment and extension of a single family house in the countryside. The big staircase has a sculptural character due to its wooden s...


Luxemburg , 卢森堡

An extensive refurbishment of a single family house with a nice surprise: an ancient wall of natural stone was discovered under the old p...



A housing project on the border of Luxemburg-City.  51 apartments sized between 44 & 140sqm.