Johan Sundberg


Educated at the Lund School of Architecture

Practice founded in 2006.

My practice gradually developed out of my studies at Lunds School of Architecture. During my second year I started doing work with graphic design, this expanded into interiors and small houses. My first major project was the Villa Bergman - Werntoft, which I finished the same year I graduated. The next year it was nominated best debut project in Sweden and everything else followed.

I only have a handful of team members, but I work in close collaboration with Blasberg & Andréasson Architects in Malmö, sharing an office space. Their analytical skill and expertise in historical buildings and materials is the perfect complement to my very intuitive design process.

Another important influence is my work as a teacher at the Lund School of Architecture. My collaborators and partners are my students. I learn more from their projects than they do.

I begin all my projects with an quick and very intuitive design process that relies heavily on the spirit of the site and my understanding of the clients. I would say that form, space and order surpasses any kind of conceptual ideas or beliefs. Ultimately, what after some serious thought feels right, is usually right. New technologies are always at our disposal, but the important questions about space stay the same. I would love to try out my skills at a larger and more complex project. Another aspiration is to work internationally, it would just be so much fun to see more of the world.

The work with my students is my greatest input. Apart from that I try to stay updated in the field of graphic design and visual arts - our worlds have so much in common. Zumthor, Utzon and Friberg models that spring to mind, but I could just as well say Jackson Pollock.

JS 2012-07-04