Golden Ratio

Ghent , 比利时, 2018

Located in the heart of medieval Ghent city, a heartless 70’ building dislocates a 19th century street. The brief: integrat...


Wevelgem, 比利时, 2015

Versluys Bouwgroep

Oostende, 比利时, 2015

Residence DBK

Knokke, 比利时, 2015

In the 9th century, the Graafjansdijk (dike) protected parts of France and Belgium agaist the storm tides from the North Sea and ...

Residence KDP

比利时, 2014

VILLA KETELS The villa is situated not far from the Belgian Coast near the French border, in an a...

Enjoy Concrete HQ

Veurne, 比利时, 2013

The new headquarters for Enjoy Concrete are a showcase for its products, constructed entirely out of prefabricated concrete elements. Its...

Obumex Outdoor Showroom

Staden, 比利时, 2013

The new volume is an natural extension of the massive existing buildings. Key materials are concrete and lots of glass, which create an o...


Brugge, 比利时, 2004

Villa Roces is integrated in an oblong terrain of about 70m long and 30m wide, situated in the forest surroundings of Bruges.  The c...

Fort Napoleon

Oostende, 比利时, 2000

Ordered by Napoleon I, the fort once stood alone in the immensity of the sand dunes to provide more effective defense against British att...

Tyne Cot Cemetery


Tyne Cot Cemetery, the biggest Commonwealth cemetery in the world, was built by Sir Herbert Baker in 1927. The land on which it was built...

Rob Systems


The new headquarters for ROB (Louage & Wisselinck) combines office space, a showroom with bar, and a production hall. ...



Hotel “Notarishuys” is an expansion for  an existing restaurant. The new building, conceived as a pavilion, holds a hote...


Ypres, 比利时

Restauration, reconversion & refurbishment of bombshelters “Kazematten” in Ypres Underneath a rampant of a...


Kortrijk, 比利时

Extension and reconversion of an existing farm and mill site into a hotel – A formation of four concrete volumes gathers around a U...