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De-spec is an award winning internationally recognized multi disciplinary architectural and design firm with a focus on the relation of space and it’s occupant, developing spatial typologies for an architecture that is experienced inside and out.   From analyzing the way the body moves, to the things that move it, from exploring within each project the psyche and the unconscious, solutions are fine tuned optimizing the necessary relation between user and space. Rather than objectifying the architectural solution, space is choreographed to produce the desired experience, and so in essence ‘experience’ is designed. You can say instead of designing the object and the container from the ‘bird’s eye view’, the design is explored from within, striving to define the ‘inside out’ as the very essence of space and experience. Farnaz Mansuri a woman and the principle defines the feminist response to architecture and design as one ‘collaborative’ with client or user, where the design is not a ‘Seal’ but ‘an interactive experience’, always different, aging gracefully. The name de-spec itself is a derivative of de-speculative. Speculative programming, while reaching for the ideal of “universal space” has too often has resulted in a generic solution. The act of de-speculating is applied to most renovation projects as a form of ‘de-construction’ and in new projects where there is no history and memory, solution evolves on the user, site and program. Using ideas of ‘Radical functionalism’ we provide clients with intelligent solutions which includes research, showing ‘cultural trends’ and ‘future needs’ and sensitivity to economy and sustainability. Design is viewed beyond a marketing tool rather it strives to organize company’s identity and define its built environment which serves to refine the ‘brand experience’ as a concept. Regardless of scale, all projects are subject to the same investigations of site and context, program analysis and (re)-interpretation and consistent with use of eco-friendly materials and attitudes. De-spec believes that the act of design is an inclusive process that invites the client, developer and consultants to work together in developing the ideal solution. This collaboration seeks to engage all parties in a relevant discourse, resulting in the most satisfying solution to the project.

De-spec’s approach to working with international client makes for exciting and economically feasible solutions. By integrating and collaborating our high design standards with expertise of local firms and local methods of construction, de-spec is able to provide clients with highest caliber of design with appropriateness to location.


  • Interior Designers
  • Architectural Designers
New York, 美國