Renovation and extension of Villa Jung

The architectural language of Coenen Sättele Architecten is in perpetual evolution. It is formed around the context, design brief and a client tailored uniform architectural solution for both the exterior and interior. Coenen Sättele Architecten regards each client and every project as a unique task, regardless of the nature or size of the project. The daily workings of Coenen Sättele Architecten are inspired by this consistent approach towards the assignment and not by a predetermined architectural language. The office has experience with the design and realisation of diverse projects from urban planning through to furniture design. The design solutions evolve through a close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team and an intense dialogue with the client. All of the, sometimes contradicting, components that affect the design are fused into a clear concept that is used as a backbone for the whole design and building process. 


  • 建筑师
Maastricht, 荷兰