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BAD 1 - Administration and laboratory Building

Esch-sur-Alzette, 卢森堡
100万 - 1亿

The Building for Laboratories and Administrative Offices is built in Belval-Ouest, on the south east corner of the so-called “Terrasse des Hauts Fourneaux”, directly next to the historical blast furnaces. With its 60 meters of height it plays an important role in the urban context.

The foundation block grows out to a tower. The foundation borrows its geometry und height out of the urban context, and draws a line to the neighbouring houses: the former governor building and the concert hall “Rockhal”.

The two existing sycamore trees on the plot had to been taken into consideration. The space the trees required around them added up to the sculptural form of the building and, together with the trees, created a generous space at the entrance.

Floor plan organisation

When entering the ground floor, visitor’s way leads through the foyer to the core of the building with elevators and other infrastructure, or to the exhibition rooms and the conference hall. The ground floor is of open design to make the surrounding streetscape more vivid.

The basement, in the size and form of the foundation block, has storage spaces and parking lots for the employees. The upper floors from first to third are used for laboratories of the water management agency and for the technic control centre. The floors from four and above are offices for the respective administrations.


A simple and compact geometry is characteristic for the building. The façade is covered in clinker bricks. This material was often used in early industrial areas and stands out very robust and durable. The window frames and the enclosure for the window blinds are made of aluminium. The project combines building tradition with innovation to create a building that is constant and sustainable.

To make the building feel lighter and higher, the percentage of aluminium panels is increasing and the coverage of the bricks decreasing as going higher on the surface of the façade. According to the weather, the upper part of the tower seems to migrate with the sky.

The concept of the façade is that of a traditional façade, with brick layout and opening windows. The structure is composed of columns in concrete on each axis of 1,25 m. This concrete structure is covered with insulation and with clinker bricks on the prefabricated lintel. On each axis there is a triple glazed window. The electric window blinds are installed on the outside and integrated in the lintel.

The façade responds to all the demands of the client and the surrounding buildings in a simple way. The percentage of transparent surface on the façade is limited to 42% to ease the maintenance. The chosen massive façade increases the persistence of the building and protects against excessive heat. The balustrades also serve as vertical fire protection.

Engineering and technic

The building envelope is very well insulated and sealed. No air-conditioning system was built. All the windows can be opened to make a natural aeration possible for each individual office room. The cool water flowing under the floor slabs allows sinking the temperature of the building with minimal energy input. The building has green roofs.

Interior materials

Structured in concrete and plastered in white, the ground floor has natural stone floors. The foyer’s walls are covered in undulating stainless steel panels that mirror and reflect light and the neighbourhood. The conference hall has acoustic wall panelling in wood. The upper floors with laboratories are equipped with natural rubber floors and special wall paint, whereas the office rooms in the tower have parquet floor and simple painted walls.

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