Eyal Weizman Explains Forensic Architecture

John Hill
24. 五月 2022
Drone Strike in Miranshah, installation 1:1, 2016 (Photo: Oliver Santana © MUAC)

Mapping Is Power is the name of the in-depth one-hour film featuring an interview with Weizman and footage of the output of Forensic Architecture. It is a fitting title, given the way the research practice uses cartography and other tools — video footage, 3d modeling, witness accounts — in its investigations of human rights violations and other incidents of violence. Viewers learn not only how Forensic Architecture works, but how it came out of Weizman's upbringing in Israel and education in London, where the practice is based. It is an engrossing film on an important practice.

The Architect's Studio: Forensic Architecture – Witnesses opened at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark, on May 20 and is on display until October 23, 2022.
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