Lindner Group


Hamburg, Alemanha, 2016

Nicht nur Musikliebhaber aus aller Welt stehen für erste Ein- und Ausblicke in die neuen Raum- und Klangwelten der Elbphilharmonie Schlan... neumann schneider architekten

Stralsund Museum Dauerausstellung im…

Stralsund, Alemanha, 2015

Das STRALSUND MUSEUM bietet mit seinen besonderen Exponaten einen spannungsreichen Einblick in die Schatzkammern der Welterbe- und Hanses... neumann schneider architekten

In Mode – Kleider und Bilder aus Renaissance…

Nürnberg, Alemanha, 2015

In der Sonderausstellung »IN MODE« zeigt das Germanische Nationalmuseum erstmals seine auf internationaler Ebene einzigartige Sammlung fr...

Mikou & Mikou Architekten AG

Hong Kong Arts Pavilion

Hong Kong, China, 2013

“Hong Kong hills imaginary” The pavilion consists of two series of parallel walls in reinforced concrete which are al...

Bureau Hindermann

"Das Wetter. Sonne, Blitz und Wolkenbruch"…

Schwyz, Suíça, 2015

Wie das Wetter funktioniert und wie es unseren Alltag einnimmt, zeigt Bureau Hindermann auf spielerische Weise in der Wechse...

MATTER - Schmidt Fach Architekten und Stadtplaner

m.XX - Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts

Berlin, Alemanha, 2016

Nach den gerade überstandenen Katastrophen zweier Weltkriege erschien die gesellschaftliche Hauptaufgabe nicht mehr darin, dem utopischen...


Muelle Uno

Málaga, Spain, 2011

In recent years Malaga has lived with its back to the sea, thanks to maritime activity that has kept the port off limits. This la...


Delhi Art Gallery

Delhi, India, 2009

The Delhi Art Gallery is an endeavour to create a simplistic space to retail the best of contemporary art in India, while positio...

ikon.5 architects

Peace Corps Commemorative Work

Washington, DC, USA, 2016

Illuminating humanity Illuminating spirit Illuminating benevolence Illuminating kindness

Veech x Veech Architects

Wien Museum

Vienna, Áustria, 2015

In our view, the new Wien Museum in the 21st century should be not only a venue for collections and the study of the past, but also a pla...

Veech x Veech Architects

Swarovski Ambient Gem

Basel, Suíça, 2008

The award-winning Swarovski Ambient Gem temporary pavilion designed to launch their new gemstone brand took its inspiration from the face...

Veech x Veech Architects

Sprach Pavilion

Austrian Roadshow Tour, Áustria, 2000

A large scale inflatable structure, this mobile pavilion formed the central part of a touring exhibition to celebrate the European Year o...

Steven Holl Architects

Herning Museum of Contemporary Art

Herning, Denmark, 2009

The Herning Center of the Arts unites, for the first time, three distinct cultural institutions: the Herning Art Museum, the MidWest Ense...

Matiz Architecture & Design

The Sante Fe Opera, Phase Two

Sante Fe, USA, 2016

MAD recently completed Phase 2 of the “Setting the Stage” campaign by expanding all the structures on the North side of the C...

Matiz Architecture & Design

The Sante Fe Opera, Phase One

Sante Fe, USA, 2015

MAD completed Phase One of the “Setting the Stage” campaign by expanding the entry plaza with a new Dining Terrace as well as...

Labo Design Studio

Nathalie Karg Gallery

New York, USA, 2014

Lorenzo Perri - YTAA 2016 Finalist

The Assembly of Le Balai Citoyen

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Brewing Democracy "The assembly is a space of accumulation where the activists of le Balai Citoyen pursu...

Esposito | Gambino | Icardi | Mori - YTAA Shortlist

A City of Opportunities

Genoa, Itália

Opening Up to Refugees as a Trigger of Urban Regeneration “A City of Opportunities aims to sho...

Labo Design Studio

Totah Gallery

New York, USA, 2016

Ivo Oberholzer - YTAA Shortlist

A theatre for la fura dels baus

Barcelona, Spain

"The existing dry dock is used as foundation for the theater. The Idea was to design space which are different in appearance and...

Almudena Ballarín - YTAA Shortlist


Ahmedabad, India

Centre for Handcrafted Cotton Textiles "The CHT-AHM is a new Centre in the old core of Ahmedabad, capita...

Clàudia Carreras Oliver - YTAA 2016 Finalist

Living in a cultural environment

Nanjing, China

Sociocultural center and artistic residency "The aim of this project is to create a cultural and social ...

Shenpei Ha - YTAA Shortlist

Borrowed Scenery: Miyato Salt Farm Onsen

Tohoku, Japan

Tracing back the past vernacular "Set in the Tsunami struck area of Tohoku - Japan. A salt terrace farm/...



群馬, Japan, 2005




東京, Japan, 2006


Hünerwadel Albers Architekten

Museum in den Voralpen

Suíça, 2004

SURE Architecture

House of Hungarian Music

Budapest, Hungary, 2014

The new House of Hungarian Music is composed by volumes spread though the plot. They touch the ground creating a large central co...

SURE Architecture

Bamiyan Cultural Centre

Bamiyan, Afghanistan, 2014

This Bamiyan Cultural Centre respects the local rural identity of the site while enhances the relationship between the past and the futur...

SURE Architecture

Boat Museum

Robinhood's Bay, Great Britain, 2016

A project to research the in-between space at the boundary between culture and nature. It is located to the south of the village at Robin...


Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center

New York, USA, 2020

On the most significant site in New York City, the Ronald O. Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center (The Perelman Cent...

atelier tom vanhee

Community centre Woesten

Vleteren , Bélgica, 2011

We were asked to design two community centres in the municipality of Vleteren, Belgium. The old school of Westvleteren and the ol...

atelier tom vanhee

Community centre Westvleteren

Vleteren, Bélgica, 2011

We were asked to design two community centres in the municipality of Vleteren, Belgium. The old school of Westvleteren and the ol...

Domingo Gonzalez Associates

New York Historical Society

New York, NY, USA, 2004

In 2004, DGA completed a seven-year project assisting NYHS and their architects on the $7.4 million restoration and upgrade of this histo...

Studio RHE

Shoreditch HQ

London, Great Britain, 2016

A galleried double height glazed space created when we revisited the original Planning Approval and stripped the interior back to it&rsqu...

Schmidt Hammer Lassen

The Cloud Pavilion

Shanghai, China, 2016

As part of the regeneration and development of the West Bund area in Shanghai, Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen have completed a p...


Heavenly WaterService Center of International…

Qingdao, China, 2014

The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 opened in Qingdao on April 25th; the service center “Earthy Pond”, is...

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