Anderlecht, Bélgica
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Ground floor
Level +1
Level +4
Anderlecht, Bélgica
2020 - 2023
Kairos, Citydev.Brussels
Associated Architect
Bogdan & Van Broeck
Associated Landscape architect
Atelier Eole

Between city and nature, between work and habitat, this mixed project functions as a city on its own. A skyline – composed of volumes with varied heights – animates the visual sequence of a new pedestrian street. Following the principles of the « global city » and the « city of tomorrow », both housing and SME spaces are designed as to offer maximum flexibility and adaptability. Beyond the intrinsic qualities behind the integration of collective spaces, the project proposes different building typologies - a tower and two pairs of urban blocks – with an architecture and functioning going far beyond the traditional juxtaposition of functions. A constellation of collective spaces, backbone of the project, fosters encounter, exchange and conviviality.

Be.Exemplary 2019 - Public buildings category : Winner

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