Hunter’s Point South Parcel C

Long Island City, USA
Visualization © ODA
Visualization © ODA
Visualization © ODA
Long Island City, USA
TF Cornerstone

New development requires fresh space, and when it comes to affordable housing in New York City that space is often relegated to far-off corners in remote, unconnected sites. However, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg implemented an affordable housing initiative focused on community interaction, and prime real estate, starting with a competition to develop city-donated land at Hunter’s Point Parcel C in Long Island City---a bid ODA won. The biggest affordable housing project New York City has completed in the past 40 years, the 1.4 million square feet of residential and retail space is slated to provide 1,400 apartments as well as a school for local kids.

Maintaining authority for good design every step of the way, we devised a strategy to merge the best of the city’s two distinct architectural typologies: low-rise courtyard engagement and high-rise towers. While the Queens shoreline is comprised mostly of buildings that are tower on base, ODA challenged that standard by molding two towers to create a central courtyard that feels like a gateway, an arch, between two summits. These architectural peaks and valleys produce cascading terraces that are shared by the community within the Hunter’s Point Parcel C development: yoga decks, urban farming gardens, playgrounds, and outdoor lounge space with sweeping views of Manhattan. Ideal for laying out one and two-bedroom apartments, this vertical slicing also creates extruded townhomes at street level that help compose the development’s distinct look and feel.

ODA sees Hunter’s Point Parcel C as the central player in the future development of this sought-after region of Long Island City. With two buildings being constructed to the north and more being erected to the south along LIC Landing, a newly unveiled waterfront park, Hunter’s Point Parcel C represents the growth this development at-large is slated to enjoy and establishes a sense of identity for local residents. Working closely across New York City government sectors, including the departments of housing preservation, parks and recreation, and city planning, ODA designed a blueprint to meet affordable housing needs without compromising innovative design, community development, or accessibility.

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