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THE PROGRAM The green system: The schools are placed inside the new central park; The system of services: The schools are at the center of a public strip in which there is the common entrance square to the two institutes. The ring becomes a green square open to the city on which the public functions of the school face; Mobility: A road system around the schools connects the street with soft mobility along the river, making the building easily accessible by car as well as by bicycle. During the lessons the two schools can work separately using the common services that can be reached from the ring. After the lessons the school can be closed and the ring can be opened to the city, entirely or by sectors divided. Right, from above: classrooms; shared spaces; accessibility and internal routes
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School - City Centralized spaces, at the intersections between schools and the ring and within the school itself, are the places of meeting and exchange, following the school city organization principle, while the corridors and the ring itself represent the system of roads and intersections. School - Atelier Classes and workshops promote creativity through the use of large outdoor workshops and the application of new and innovative teaching models such as the Teal classes. Flexibility in the use of the workshops is achieved by the use of mobile furniture and trolleys that transport the equipment. School - Living Room The informal spaces of the school, both indoor and outdoor, create a domestic and flexible environment for different uses. Open spaces are transformed into classrooms and studios thanks to school furnishings and facilities, while indoor spaces allow the combination of different functions in an informal and open way. The Nomadic School The micro-zones located between the schools and the circle will be useful to students and professors both as a place of meeting and learning, on the model of the nomadic school. The technological equipment guarantees the accessibility of the spaces, in order not to limit their learning.
Drawing © Laboratorio Permanente
Drawing © Laboratorio Permanente
Visualization © Laboratorio Permanente
Visualization © Laboratorio PermanentePermanente

Learning Ring - two secondary schools for the competition #Scuole Innovative

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Open Competition promoted by Ministero dell'Istruzione
Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini, Ekaterina Golovatyuk, Luca Cozzani, Marco di Forenza, Alessandro Zanoletti, Francesco Tincani
Technological systems design
Werner Sobek, Eng. Giulia Peretti
Structural engineering
Werner Sobek, Eng. Guido Nieri

Teenagers during the adolescence develop a new personal civic identity.
The new project answers to their needs building a safe and enclosed space, but at the same time opens to the city and the surroundings. The big circular court, shared by both schools, is the perfect space to meet and build new relationships.
The external ring, right as an urban street, can host events, labs, libraries and activities joined to the city.
Both schools are connected to the shared space and become the scene of the central “Corte Mondo”.

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