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After a professional experience gained since 1996, firstly as a freelance and secondly as chief of an associated firm, Giuseppe Lunardini founded his personal firm in 2007: Giuseppe Lunardini Architetto del Paesaggio.

His firm aims at creating a direct contact between architecture and nature in roder to define a harmonious relationship between buildings and open spaces.

The firm works  with several professionals from different sectors such as, architects, geologists, surveyors, agronomists, botanics, urbanists, engineers and artists, thus to provide high quality and aesthetic solutions.

The firm took part in many national and international competitions in landscape design and received various prizes and metnions among which: the redevelopment of a part of the Salerno – Reggio Calabria Highway, the evaluation of Villa Reale of Monza and its gardens, along with David Chipperfield Archtiects, Maghtab Park, the restoration of Collettore Padano Polesano in Porto Viro, the landscape and archaelogic park of Cosa and Antiche Mole Rivers in Frosinone.

Many of its interventions have been published and are published in several magazines both in Italy and abroad. Among them the Osservanti Garden in Lucca, Passeggio Garden in Lodi, the Serchio River Park in Lucca, Petroni Terrace in Lucca, Viale Barsanti e Matteucci in Lucca, the Parco Ovest in Lucca, the restoration of Urban Walls in Lucca, the design for the Cosa and Antiche Mole River in Frosinone, the parking park Montascendi in Lucca and the project for the redevelopment of a part of the Salerno – Reggio Calabria Highway.

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Lucca, Itália
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