Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © Serge Anton
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © André Nullens
Photo © Stijn Bollaert
Photo © Stijn Bollaert

Library Dendermonde

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City of Dendermonde, Dexia Bank
Goedele Desmet, Ivo Vanhamme, Annelies Staessens, Annelies Augustyns, Griet Moors, Ward Verbakel, Nathan Ooms, Gunther Slagmeulder, Jean-Michel Culas
Technical Engineering
Bureau Bouwtechniek
Structural Engineering
BAS bvba
Acoustical Engineering
Daidalos Peutz
Interior / Furniture
Danny Venlet

Open Oproep 0340: Library, social restaurant and polyvalent hall.

A passage is created between the Kerkstraat and the Sas, giving the building 4 active facades, and giving the City a connection between the urban fabric and nature. 2 “landscapes” are superimposed: a parking-square on the roof that encloses the polyvalent hall and the social functions; and the landscape of the library, a big rippling space in which the projected furniture does not block the global vision. The limit between these 2 “landscapes” is formed by a folded concrete slab that incorporates the lightning system, acoustic absorption, etc.

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