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Small Wooden Pavilion

MQ Architecture
13. maio 2019
Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal

Covered in charred wood, this small building designed by MQ Architecture serves visitors to a large property in Upstate New York. Designed for the same clients as MQ's Magazzino Italian Art, the building also features a polycarbonate facade that glows after sundown. Architect Miguel Quismondo answered a few questions about the project.

Project: Small Wooden Pavilion, 2019
Location: Garrison, New York, USA
Client: Olnick Spanu
Architect: MQ Architecture, Miguel Quismondo
Collaborators: Miguel Bello Escribano and Jacobo Mingorance
Structural Engineer: Michael P. Carr, P.E.
Construction Manager: Miguel Quismondo
Built Area: 600 sf
Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
What were the circumstances of receiving the commission for this project?

The client required an ancillary building to support a compound with several existing structures. The location already had a round down shed with electrical panels feeding the estate. This was a direct commission as part of a larger masterplan project. 

Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
Please provide an overview of the project.

This project entitled a surgical demolition of an existing shed and the erection of a small ancillary building. The old structure housed the electrical and communications utilities of a large compound, and the new project had to preserve the location and function of all this equipment, therefore some walls and floor levels were set from the beginning.  

Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
What are the main ideas and inspirations influencing the design of the building?

The program required two different type of users, therefore we decided to split the building in two, allowing for a separate circulation for each group. The upper piece houses the electrical room and the team quarters, while the lower portion holds two individual restrooms for visitors.

Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
How does the design respond to the unique qualities of the site?

The project sits in the middle of the forest therefore we chose charred wood to make it blend with the surrounding nature. On the other hand, the polycarbonate façade brings natural light and privacy to the interior. 

Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
How did the project change between the initial design stage and the completion of the building?

Given the scale and budget of the project we were able to keep the materialization of the building true to the original design. 

Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
Was the project influenced by any trends in energy-conservation, construction, or design?

All floors are made of polished concrete for easy maintenance and a radiant slab keeps an optimal temperature during extreme winters minimizing energy consumption. The building is equipped with five inches of organic isolation and a high efficiency boiler.

Email interview conducted by John Hill.

Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
Photo: Miguel de Guzman, Imagen Subliminal
Site Plan
Floor Plan and Elevations
Section Perspective

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