Anhelina L. Starkova is an architect, engineer, expert in the state of theory and art of architectures for field application in large-scale designs. She was an invited lecturer at The University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons FHGR, Kharkiv School of Architecture KHSA and educational platform Auditoria by Meganom bureau. Her teaching and research interests span new formal methods in architectural design, spatial perception, and analysis through contemporary theory of architecture. She is an effective collaborator with world-renowned architects and public authorities. Together with Swiss architect Valerio Olgiati she is an author and editor of the Non- Referential Architecture translation. Her architectural projects have been extensively published and exhibited amongst others at the MOMus, MAO, Igloo magazine, Swedish Paletten Journal, and BDA Bund Deutscher Architekten in Berlin, Germany.

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Kharkiv, Ukraine
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