VMDPE Design

BeneBaby International Daycare

Shenzhen, China, 2017
23. April 2018
Photo: Zhang Chao
BeneBaby International Daycare is an early childhood educational daycare center provides American daycare service for modern parents, committed to the cultivation of behavior, habits, independent personality and social ability of 2-4 year old children.
Project: BeneBaby International Daycare, 2017
Location: Nanshan Houhai District of Shenzhen
Design Company: Shenzhen VMDPE Brand Design Consulting Co. Ltd. (VMDPE Design)
Principle Designer: Vinci chan
Design Team: Dio Chang,Lucy Lu, Wenya Chen
Area: 800 m2
Flooring: TAJIMA
Lighting: Philips
Paint: buoncolor
Exterior (Photo: Zhang Chao)
It is located in Nanshan Houhai District of Shenzhen, surrounded by high-end residential and office buildings. It is positioned as a high-end early childhood education institution, with its building facade and the internal environment planned and designed by VMDPE Design Company. BeneBaby environment not only meets the needs of a teaching environment, but also to open and flexible space planning that create a comfortable dream-town-style environment and encourages preschool children in growing up and adapting to unfamiliar social environments. With considerate and meticulous care,  the interior design was realized and completed as a high quality, multi functional space full of interesting details; the Daycare perfectly presents the designer's creative concept.
Recreation area (Photo: Zhang Chao)
In the Bene Baby project, VMDPE Design abandoned the traditional "lobby/corridor/classroom" type of space planning and instead curated the “individual and community" space arrangement from a child's perspective. It is an approach to construct the interpersonal environment of "individual/small group/large community" by simulating the spatial layout of "corner, family, public space," which is conducive to children's adaptation to their role in the external society according to their feelings. Children can engage in different degrees of social interaction and free learning based on their feelings, so as to build up the "safety/observation/interaction" social mode, and be able to learn and develop naturally.
Recreation area (Photo: Zhang Chao)
In terms of visual presentation, it is designed by using concise geometric lines, bright blocks, and soft textures and materials to build up a quiet, concisely formed, warm and modern environment — a dream town with small wooden houses, hillsides and pools.
Recreation area (Photo: Zhang Chao)
The professional and effective space design approach of VMDPE Design aims to help promote the practical concept of how early childhood education space design could be facilitated in building up a mutual beneficial relationship between children and children, children and teachers, and children and the external environment.
Classroom (Photo: Zhang Chao)
Reading room (Photo: Zhang Chao)
Multi-functional classroom
Classroom (Photo: Zhang Chao)
Valley-themed corridor (Photo: Zhang Chao)
Activity area (Photo: Zhang Chao)
Activity area (Photo: Zhang Chao)

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