Hudson Valley Farmstead


When walking onto a new site, I immediately start processing what I see. I take note of my initial impressions, watching how I instinctively negotiate my way around. Where do I choose to linger? What do I choose to avoid? I watch for views that catch my eye, where I feel exposed and where I feel protected. I am a detective searching for clues as to what has happened over time. How have natural forces shaped this place into the landscape that I see today? What traces remain of the people who have been here before me? All of this, I believe, is pre-existing on the land and it's my job as a landscape architect to find and then reveal the characteristics of each site in compelling ways.


There is no specific style to the work at Susan Wisniewski Landscape; my designs, however, are typically understated and always contextual. Good, thoughtful design is balanced with environmental impacts. My goal is to combine the local ecology with the aspirations of my client, architectural elements, budgetary considerations and regional context, creating a response that will resonate with place and people.


Overtime my approach has continued to evolve. There is a shift toward less...and less again. Satisfaction can be found in a straight wall in front of an untouched view - striking every time. After all these years I still pause before making the decision to remove a tree or clear a section of land. Is it worth it? Am I sure? I want to protect the land, create what is useful (it works) and beautiful (ease) and provide an element of joy (a smile). I want to do good work and work with good people. 

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