Keiichiro Sako

Principal architect
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SAKO Architects is a Beijing based architecture firm of Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako.
So far SAKO Architects has produced over 160 projects in China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Spain.
In addition to the core services of architectural design and interior design, we also provide graphic design, furniture and urban master planning.
Nowadays, we continue to develop the architecture known as,
“CHINESE BRAND ARCHITECTURE,” using specific themes which can only be found in China.

Summary of Career
1970: Born in Fukuoka, Japan
1994: Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology
1996: Obtained a Masters Degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology
1996 to 2004: Worked with Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop
2004: Established SAKO Architects
Jointly presided over Asian Architects Associates
2004 to 2005: Visiting Scholar at Columbia University.
Overseas artist dispatched by Agency for Cultural Affairs.