Barcelona, Spanje
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Photo © milenaroses
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Photo © milenaroses
LDLuz_Lighting Design Studio
Barcelona, Spanje
0 - 100K
Mariel Fuentes, Michela Mezzavilla, Janet Groves, Milena Roses, Milena Clausi
Lighting Design partner

(IN)Material is a delicate light installation that explores the nature of light as an intangible matter, which reveals its presence and its characteristics only by interacting with materials and people in specific visual and spatial conditions. An immersive installation that plays with materialization and dematerialization, according to the progression of the observer’s point of view and according to the presence or absence of artificial light.

The basic elements of this installation are looms made of translucent threads. Light is hidden in the support structures of the looms, granting materiality, color and dynamism to the threads, that are otherwise ethereal and almost invisible. The visitor has the option to observe the installation from a distance, to appreciate the interrelation of the forms and the dynamisms of light, or to get inside each one of the structures, for a more personal and immersive experience.

The vanishing points become protagonists and give the visitor a new vision of the space, reinforcing the effects of depth, materialization and dematerialization.
(IN) MATERIAL tells a story of materialization and dematerialization, transparencies, reflections, connections, layers of reading and visions of new perspectives.

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