18C House

Port Louis, Mauritius, 2012

A unique opportunity was afforded us to breathe new life into this elegant 18th Century colonial house and stable outbuildings located in...

Constance Villa

Constance Estate, Mauritius, 2012

A family home located in Constance Estate on the eastern coast of Mauritius and overlooking an enclosed bay. The client wanted to create ...

Subterranean SPA

London City, Groot Britannië, 2012

A luxury private spa in a subterranean space; carved out from beneath an existing house in central London. Working in partnership with HA...

Trianon Conference Centre

Trianon, Mauritius, 2011

West Edge House

St Gilles, Reunion Island, 2011

Poised on the edge of a cliff on the west coast of Reunion Island, this family home’s unique location inspired a design that sought...

Queen Mary Sports Pavillion

Floreal, Mauritius

A private sports pavilion on a north-facing sloped site in Floreal, central Mauritius; the pavilion is conceived as a long open concrete ...

Central Park Duplex

New York City, USA

Boma Lodge


Socota Phoenicia

Phoenix, Mauritius

An almost derelict textile factory in Mauritius, the clients came to us with a brief to create a high quality refurbishment preserving th...