Jacksonville Southbank Riverwalk

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Miami, USA
20-100 Stories
Revuelta International

Located on the south bank of the St. Johns River, in the area of expansion of the administrative and financial center, this mixed-use project will mean the beginning of the transformation of the city and of its relationship with the river.

The proposal consists of a new river walk with panoramic views, which with their strategic position, connections and uses is called to become a prime urban leisure destination. Along the promenade will be a base to house restaurants and a boutique hotel that will occupy a low and elongated space. In the second line, two towers (residential and office) emerge on bases for parking with shops on their ground floors that will animate the access streets to the complex.

The confluence of pedestrian flows (from the Skyway or the marina area), justifies the concentration of gastronomic and other uses (residential, hotel and Convention Center offices)

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