Master plan and urban design of Shibati Area in Yuzhong district

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Chongqing, China

As the key transformation of Chongqing Yuzhong District’s downside city, Shibati’s transformations are facing huge difficult. In the mind of native people, Shibati has the special significance. In the entire downside city, Shibati is a so famous area and the popular region. It contains the important node and the most aktiv commercial block of the downside city. Shibati should continue the upside city’s commercial culture quality and try to retain the historical place and the terrain characteristic. Its spatial significance is bigger than the historical significance, and also bigger than the entity significance.
The goals of Shibati(a site’s name)’s construction plan is that, to continue the life tradition in mountainous region; by the forward-looking standpoint, to establish Chongqing’s mountainous region life model; to build mountainous living region with complete functions and diverse activities.
The partial historical area will maintain the original skyline, coordinates with the reservation building and the original street atmosphere, remoulds Shibati(a site’s name)’s business streets and the peripheral French Embassy region. The sightseeing corridor along the river will be opened up to draw the development of Shibati(a site’s name) business streets.

Chongqing yuzhong district government

Planning area

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Twenty-first century, Sichuan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

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