Appartements An der Lutter

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Adam-von-Trott-Weg, 37075 Göttingen, Duitsland
1-5 Stories

The “Apartements An der Lutter” building ensemble consists of three identical U-shaped structures, arranged in a row. The six-storey main building on the eastern entry to the city creates an accentuation within an otherwise homogenous structure. The building on the north side seals off the site from the main road, providing natural and effective noise protection for both the student apartments and the residential development to the south. To the south, the ensemble opens up towards the existing residential development, forming three landscaped courtyards, which function as spaces for communication to be used by the students as meeting spaces and for a variety of uses. Although the whole building volume can be experienced as a single sculptural form, subtle recesses in the façade and pronounced incisions and undercuts lend it structure and rhythm making each individual building legible. The rear wall, which backs onto the “An der Lutter” federal highway, is built to reduce noise, in order to avoid reflected noise towards the residential buildings to the north.

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