Modernisation of the Lourcine Barracks at University of Law-Paris 1

23. maart 2020
Photo: Sergio Grazia (All images courtesy of v2com)

The former Lourcine barracks are located in Paris’ 13th district and comprise a parade ground with accompanying military buildings erected in 1875. 

Project: Modernisation of the Lourcine Barracks at University of Law-Paris I, 2019
Location: Paris (13ᵉ)
Client: Epaurif
Architect: ChartierDalix
General Contractor: Egis Bâtiment
Acousticts: Acoustb
Landscaping: DHpaysage
Heritage: Grahal
Area : 9,710 m2
Cost: €22 M bt
Program: 500 seat lecture theater, 27 teaching rooms, 2,000 m² library, 1,500 m² offices and 2 service apartments
Photo: Takuji Shimmura

The project calls for elements of the University of Paris I – library, lecture theatre, classrooms, offices – to be installed within the old buildings and in basement levels under the parade ground.

Photo: Sergio Grazia

The project aims to make the most of this Parisian heritage, taking a precision approach that will as far as possible retain the existing spaces and preserve the historic character of the site.

Photo: Takuji Shimmura

ChartierDalix is seeking to adapt the project and its new activities to the buildings without erasing their past.

Photo: Sergio Grazia

The parade ground retains its central, unifying and symbolic role, as a landscaped forecourt sloping down to frame the new access to the gallery and lecture theatre.

Photo: Camille Gharbi

Lecture and classrooms are inserted into the existing buildings, making the most of their spatial qualities (ceiling heights, noble materials).

Photo: Takuji Shimmura
Photo: Takuji Shimmura
Photo: Takuji Shimmura
Photo: Sergio Grazia

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