Library in Chinese Village Wins Design Educates Award

John Hill
30. april 2021
Zheshui Natural Library by LUO studio. (Photo: Jin Weiqi)

LUO studio's Zheshui Natural Library in Shanxi Province has won the top prize in the architectural design category of the 2021 Design Educates Awards, which are given out by Laka Foundation, the non-profit organization and international network "focused on social impact via design and architecture."

The small library in Zheshui Village is one of four projects winning prizes in the same number of categories: architectural design, product design, responsive design, and universal design. Additionally, two projects have been selected by Solarlux as recipients of Solarlux Choice awards. All of the winners, runners-up, and special mentions can be found on the Design Educates Awards website.

Zheshui Natural Library by LUO studio. (Photo: Jin Weiqi)

The Zheshui Natural Library designed by LUO studio, the firm founded by Luo Yujie, gets its name from the way it is integrated into its site between a rock cliff and a canal. The library is nestled next to the rocks, using them for two sides of the library and for seating. The wood shelves opposite the rocks hold books but also support the sloping, wood-framed roof. All of the timber is lightweight, minimizing the foundations and any disruptions to the landscape. The library is enclosed by glass, with windows on the short ends and glass bricks across the long elevation facing the canal. The "naturalness" of the library is punctuated by the large tree that literally punctures the roof by the entrance.

Zheshui Natural Library by LUO studio. (Photo: Jin Weiqi)
Runners-up in the architectural design category:

  • Gold prize: Kö-Bogen II by ingenhoven architects
  • Silver prize: 5 Feet by Ryuhei Ichikura
  • Bronze prize: Fo(u)r friends by supertecture gUG

KÖ-BOGEN II by ingenhoven architects. (Photo: HG Esch)

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