The Making of a Holiday Window

 John Hill
10. december 2014
Photo: Screenshot
The New York Times Style - T Magazine takes a look behind the creation of the seasonal "Architecture" display at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.
For the department store's annual holiday window displays, Bergdorf Goodman is highlighting the different arts, one in each window. There's literature, sculpture, and painting, among others, but a highlight – and the focus of the Times' short film – is the architecture window. Intricate paper models of buildings, architectural elements, tools and even animals – all in blue tones and recalling the 19th century in their details – fill the windows. The three-minute film reveals the process behind making the cutouts and composing them into the final result.

Visit the New York Times website to watch The Making of a Holiday Window.
Photo: Screenshot
And here are a few photos of the completed display:
Photo: John Hill/World-Architects
Photo: John Hill/World-Architects
Photo: John Hill/World-Architects

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