Rebel Architecture - The Architecture of Violence

 John Hill
3. september 2014
Photo: Screenshot
The third installment of Al Jazeera's Rebel Architecture heads to Israel to speak with architect and author Eyal Weizman and investigate architecture's role in Israel's occupation of Palestine.
In the 25-minute episode Weizman shows the viewer the various means of urban warfare: how walls and fences define the occupied zones; how stone walls convey a sense of historical Jerusalem; how red tile roofs help define "friend or foe" from the air; how the checkpoints work; how the military moves through holes they make in the walls of houses in Palestinian villages; and how drones surveil and strike parts of the Gaza Strip. In essence the episode parallels Weizman's excellent book Hollow City, and both show clearly how he "uses architecture as a way to both interpret, protest, and resist."

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