Tatel Restaurant, Miami


Studio Gronda is a dynamic, multifaceted and international design firm that creates distinctive environments and experiences across the fields of architecture, interior, experiential and industrial design. Our clients are established and emerging forces in hospitality, retail, culture, and entertainment around the world.

We are driven by a holistic notion of design. Anything that will shape the experience is part of our scope, which ranges from a client’s business and brand strategy to subtle details in furnishing a room and nuances in lighting and sound. Always rooted in functionality, our design solutions grow from a unique set of programmatic, economic, and aesthetic considerations.

Inspired by the profound, rapid changes in the way we live, work, and play today, we help our clients rethink how people use their environment and new technologies. Drawing on in-depth social research, rigorous analysis of contemporary life forms, and each project’s distinct cultural context, we craft award-winning spaces that are not only beautiful but that simply work better for our clients and their specific customers.

We create spaces that engage people at an emotional level and foster human connection, as we believe these are the spaces that succeed throughout time.

We continuously travel around the world absorbing new experiences and approaches that enrich our work. In an ever more global world, we believe design should be firmly rooted in its location. At the same time, we apply international high-end standards to all of our interventions to meet the needs of global customers who wish to commute seamlessly.

We are proud of the strong partnerships we forge with our clients through an ongoing, vibrant exchange of ideas, which is key to our design process.
The services we provide include: Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Experiential Design, Branding and Graphic Identity, Custom FF&E Design, and Art + Styling.


  • 建築家
  • インテリアデザイナー
Madrid, Spain