Düsseldorf, ドイツ
写真 © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
写真 © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
写真 © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
写真 © TTC Timmler Technology/Photographer: B+E Fotografie, Düsseldorf
TTC Timmler Technology GmbH
Düsseldorf, ドイツ
ARAG Düsseldorf
+grün GmbH, Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian M. Fürst, Düsseldorf

Showing things in a good (yellow) light
The headquarters of the ARAG Insurance Group tower up almost 125 meters above northern Düsseldorf, thus constituting an iconic city landmark. Designed by Lord Norman Foster and Düsseldorf-based architects RKW+ (Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky), this building’s architecture has been much discussed since it opened in 2001, and not only in the region. Its size was not the only reason; other talking points were the shape of its footprint, which is elliptic, and its eye-catching double glazing.

Now Düsseldorf’s largest office block is even more striking. When the continuous façade drainage guttering and the linear grating on top of it were both replaced as part of its forecourt refurbishments the opportunity arose for integrating dramatic lighting. As with the guttering and the grating, the lighting was supplied by TTC Technology/ADO Lights. The LED wall washer outdoor lighting is integrated into the façade guttering over a length of 38 meters. The lights shine upwards, thus dramatically accentuating the building’s entrance area – meaning that the porch is elegantly illuminated from below – in the exact colors of the company’s corporate design, with the warm yellow hues creating an inviting atmosphere and providing visitors with a clear point of reference.

Products | LED Wallwasher
-38 metres LED WallWashers l “PowerLight RGB”
fixed in TTC façade channels
- Adjustable inclination angles
- Power supply AC100-240V, 30W/m
- Protection rating IP65
- Optional: DMX512 controllable with individual
control capabilities of colours, gradients and dimming

Products | Façade-/Slot channels
- 92 metres of façade channels type FR10/K made of stainless steel 1.4301, closed version, Height 250 mm, incl. channel connectors, mounting of LED WallWashers
- 66 metres of slot channels type SR15/1 made of stainless steel 1.4301, slot distance12 mm
- 9 units installation/drainage boxes made of stainless steel

Products | Linear Gratings
- 92 metres of linear gratings type KSM-V 3.4 made of stainless steel 1.4301 10 mm bar distance, longitudinal, slot width 150 mm, thereof 38 metres with TTC façade channels type FR10/K and LED WallWashers “PowerLight”


  • Projektwettbewerb Campus Motel NTB
    FELIX PARTNER Architektur und Design
  • Volksschule Maria Grün
    BERKTOLD WEBER Architekten
  • Stereokitchen
    Paul Kaloustian Architect
  • Cyprus New Museum
    Paul Kaloustian Architect
  • Bürobegrünung ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling, Zürich


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