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Arenas & Asociados, AM2 Arquitectos, and NOARQ collaborated on the Halo project, an imposing vertical connection structure that has become, in a short time, a new icon of the Galician city of Vigo, Spain. Antonio La Gioia


on 2023/09/14

The Créateurs Design Association has announced that the Mexican architect will be awarded Le Prix Charlotte Perriand during the Créateurs Design Awards ceremony to be held in Paris on January 20, 2024. Antonio La Gioia

on 2023/03/09

SUMA Arquitectura, the Madrid studio led by Elena Orte and Guillermo Sevillano, designed the Gabriela García Márquez Library as a sculptural volume inspired by stacks of books. An expressive CLT (cross-laminated timber) panel structure characterizes the compact faceted volume of the library in... Antonio La Gioia

on 2023/01/03

In the Encinar de los Reyes area of Madrid, the studio led by Andrés Jaque has designed a building that translates the pedagogical ideas of the Reggio Emilia school, as developed by Loris Malaguzzi and his followers, into architecture. Antonio La Gioia


on 2022/12/07

From November 10 to 12, the municipality of Olot, Spain, hosted the latest Lluèrnia, which since 2012 has paid tribute to the volcanoes whose fire gave rise to the landscape of Garrotxa. Antonio La Gioia

on 2022/07/07

The Japanese architect was awarded for his efforts to give architectural dignity to the numerous humanitarian architectural interventions carried out around the world. Antonio La Gioia

on 2021/12/01

The project designed by architects Fernando Porras-Isla, Lorenzo Fernández-Ordoñez, and Aránzazu La Casta (Porras Guadiana Arquitectos), a major landscape reconfiguration in a key location in the Spanish capital, reopened to the public at the end of November. John Hill, Antonio La Gioia

on 2018/10/23

On August 14th, a section of the Morandi Bridge measuring more than 200 meters long collapsed, killing 43 people and causing several injuries. The bridge in Genoa was one of the 20th century's most exceptional works of Italian engineering. We talked about it with architect Luca Zevi, Vice... Antonio La Gioia

on 2015/09/23

With the recent completion of Josep Lluís Mateo's renovation of the Ninot Market, Antonio La Gioia takes a look at the history of markets in Barcelona and other recent examples of these valuable parts of the Catalan capital. Antonio La Gioia

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