Boutique Hotel in Tengchong

Oscar KO, Gu Yunduan

This is a boutique hotel located in Tengchong, Yunnan province, located on the edge of Tengchong County, nestled among hills, at the corner formed by two small roads. The bedrooms are all lined up and face the view.

Total Space
The total ribbon space connecting independent hotel rooms and the courtyard is the main concept of this design. The elongated form of total space gives it a flexible function. Usually it can be divided into small and functional independent places. While when large venues are needed, the interior furniture and equipment can be rearranged flexibly, freeing up the big space needed to host the event.

Local Adaptation

The application of local material responds to the reginal characteristics. The upper part of the wall is made of concrete and painted white. Since the local houses are dominated by white limestone, the hotel uses the same hue, allowing the building to blend harmoniously into the local environment. And the bottom of the wall applies local gray volcanic stones to reduce the cost of material transporting and save costs. It also allows this architecture to have a local character.

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